Garmin 705 mount

My lovely wife gave me Garmin 705 for birthday. After about 2K km I started deeper investigation what is available on the market to attach the gps unit in front of the handlebar, and make it easier to read. Also gps mounted on the stem looks bulky, mounting on the handlebar is not an option for me as I hate obstacles on the handlebar. The one solution I’ve found was Bar Fly. It’s nice light, sleek, but unfortunately not compatible with my gps unit. So I’ve decided to give a go Acor AHB-2711 handlebar extension. Costs about 17 quid with shipping, dead easy installation. Comes with reduction to inch and 26mm diameter handlebar. That’s how it looks like:

I’ve mounted initially with uncut cabon pipe, but it looked wonky in my opinion. Anyway if someone planning attach other thinks like lights for example might be good option to leave as is.


After some butchering the mount with gps looks like that:


So far so good. The mount is rock solid, and keeps the gps firmly in place. As I expected, reading information from the screen is easier now. Quite happy how it looks as well. Hope that’ll help someone with the same dilemma.

Keep’em rolling

7 thoughts on “Garmin 705 mount

  1. Hi, I came across your blog when investigating an alternative way of mounting my GPS and led light. The AHB2711 looks perfect, but I can’t find any info on its dimensions. Could I ask a favour and you measure the distance from the ‘top’ of the handlebars to the ‘top’ of the extension tube? I’m planning to mount mine basically vertically, so want to know how much higher things will end up – they need to clear a handlebar bag. Thanks.

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