Jan first time kayak surfing

Mild weather and gentle waves, gave us opportunity to introduce Jan to kayak surfing. Good practice even if white water is the main interest. Anyway, biggest award after was “Dada it was awesome” ;-). Happy days…


washing clothes on the go

We spent this year spring half term holidays in slightly better climate. Just want to share quick hint, how I managed to wash my bicycle clothes. (actually might be any clothes on the go, on camping as well)

Normally you going to wash them in the sink which is painstaking and boring. I developed technique with using dry bag:

  • put some washing powder inside,
  • soak all clothes with the water and quickly transfer them to dry bag,
  • squeeze air and close drybag

Now you can sit down on patio with beer in your hand, gently stumping/squeezing the dry bag with your feet. Don’t do it to vigorously as you might burst the bag, often changing the position of the bag rolling it from one side to another. After 10 minutes job is done. I used karrimor XS dry bag which is approx 5 liter but I wrapped closure extra 2-3 times so effectively the volume was smaller. In the meantime you can chat, play cards, watch tv whatever you like ;-).


blending in…

Quick walk to nearby woods, mainly to test hammock and enjoy, rare recently, dry weather.

IMG_0297 IMG_0296

Nothing too fancy about hammock. Rectangle piece of ripstop nylon 350x150cm with roll hem longer sides and channels on both ends, nylon straps tree huggers, Amsteel rope for suspension. As this was the first attempt, I didn’t make any permanent changes just to see if the setup will work. Feels ok, and I’m thinking that people claiming they’ll never go back to tent camping, might be actually right… Will see. to complete setup I need tarp and bugnet (underquilt in the future?). Stay tuned. To familiarize more with hammock camping I recommend two channels on YT:

https://www.youtube.com/user/shugemery – Shug channel hilarious yet informative

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHVdwBKQFsAD2rNF0JwE-cg  – Joe Brewer bit of diy (I really like it) and lot of information, his setup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnQZr6eW2e0

Marceli blending in ;-).



GC underwater pictures…

This year on Gran Canaria we’ve tested new toy – a waterproof bag for digital camera. We choose as Guinea pig old Canon A570 and put it into DiCAPac WP-510 bag. I must admit it’s quite tricky to make decent pictures in the sea, but lot of fun in swimming pole (as you can see below). Finding bag for camera was easy, as on the website is a guide, just click on make and find model. Costs £15 and proven to be waterproof even deeper as they claimed. I was probably 5-6m deep and camera stayed nice and dry. I’ll probably not experiment with DSLR or expensive cam, but cheap used Canon can be found on ebay and used. Anyway similar bag might be a good option for DSLR when used on the beach (not underwater), but definitely that’ll give another dimension to a set of holiday pictures. 😉

2014-04-19 11.17.29 IMG_2600 Continue reading