France 2017 in photos

This year St Malo – Cherbourg. Whole week on  the bikes, weather superb as well as food. In fact was a bit too hot, despite cloudy start in St Malo. We slowly learning from mistakes, and creating list of gear. So far we learned that the best weather is guaranteed when you got all possible rain gear with you overshoes, over-trousers and rain jackets 😉

Story in photos below.

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GC underwater pictures…

This year on Gran Canaria we’ve tested new toy – a waterproof bag for digital camera. We choose as Guinea pig old Canon A570 and put it into DiCAPac WP-510 bag. I must admit it’s quite tricky to make decent pictures in the sea, but lot of fun in swimming pole (as you can see below). Finding bag for camera was easy, as on the website is a guide, just click on make and find model. Costs £15 and proven to be waterproof even deeper as they claimed. I was probably 5-6m deep and camera stayed nice and dry. I’ll probably not experiment with DSLR or expensive cam, but cheap used Canon can be found on ebay and used. Anyway similar bag might be a good option for DSLR when used on the beach (not underwater), but definitely that’ll give another dimension to a set of holiday pictures. 😉

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