Should I cheat or should I cooperate?

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Brain food after 1/3 of 2017

It’s quite my list of things, as I like grey area where tech meets politics and social. Anyway, in first (my favourite) article, there’s a glimpse of what “micro nodging” in news is, and how that might lead to quite nasty nationalism. I’m thinking how that might unleash something, which will be hard to control. Watch forces behind Brexit, Trump and wait for Le Pen in France…

Will democracy survive big data and artificial intelligence

ACLU orwellian citizen score – chinas credit score system is a warning for americans

The rise of the useless class








washing clothes on the go

We spent this year spring half term holidays in slightly better climate. Just want to share quick hint, how I managed to wash my bicycle clothes. (actually might be any clothes on the go, on camping as well)

Normally you going to wash them in the sink which is painstaking and boring. I developed technique with using dry bag:

  • put some washing powder inside,
  • soak all clothes with the water and quickly transfer them to dry bag,
  • squeeze air and close drybag

Now you can sit down on patio with beer in your hand, gently stumping/squeezing the dry bag with your feet. Don’t do it to vigorously as you might burst the bag, often changing the position of the bag rolling it from one side to another. After 10 minutes job is done. I used karrimor XS dry bag which is approx 5 liter but I wrapped closure extra 2-3 times so effectively the volume was smaller. In the meantime you can chat, play cards, watch tv whatever you like ;-).


Web surfing trick and tips #1

Recently friend of mine asked me for some advice how to stay secure browsing internet. Well, there’s some (not all) tricks you can apply to make “surfing” more secure. From easiest one to advanced one.

1. Update system, update browser.

2. Adblock. This is a must-have add-on to your browser. Absolutely essential. Browser I mean Mozilla Firefox or Chrome. I’m not using Internet Explorer, I’m not really familiar with IE and I really don’t care.

3. Flash block. Name is self explanatory, blocking all flash adverts, flash windows etc. Find it in your favourite browser add-ons repository.

4. If you’re using M$ windows then you need anti spyware & antivirus software. That might be (all of them? just kidding sounds a bit paranoid) Avast free, AVG free version, SeekandDestroy Ad-Aware,  Avira, Comodo, ClamWin. Listed only free of charge ones, they are not free software apart from ClamWin which is purely open source software (means is free).

5. Incognito mode – Chrome (CTRL+Shift+N), Private browsing – Firefox (CTRL+Shift+P). Google it, read about it. Essentially  after you close incognito/private window, all cookies, saved passwords, browsing history, other private data, will disappear.

6. On screen keyboard – for credit card numbers, for pins. For passwords? Might be ok, but look at no 7 below. Typing 15 character password on on-scree keyboard will be pain in the ass)… windows, ubuntu.

7. Password manager and maybe more important password generator. For example Gorilla cross platform (windows, mac, linux, android) even quite convenient “portable” version. That software can use same database under different systems so there’s no problem if you have mac at home, windows at work, linux on laptop (or even android – didn’t try) and database on a memory stick. Same as with on screen keyboard, passwords can be copied-paste to avoid keyloggers which is one of the most most primitive yet very effective way to get you password.

As always don’t pay by card on doggy sites. Don’t pay by debit card if you don’t have to. Use PayPal whenever if you can. Check google reviews about online shop first, no matter how excellent the deal looks like.

I think above is a basic hygiene. More “advanced” stuff later:  Truecrypt – data encryption, TOR – For anonymous web browsing, VBOX-virtual secure machine and (maybe later) completely for geeks – avtivirus proxy.

stay tuned

Franken bike

Zlozylem z “czesci magazynowych” rowerek do katowania (sie) na rollerze. Niektorzy nazywaja to “Franken bike” z racji uzycia roznych czesci z roznych zrodel. Efekty mozna zobaczyc ponizej na zdjeciach. Wyszedl za cale 90P co nie jest zle wydaje mi sie. Wyglada zawadiacko i jezdzi rewelacyjnie. Rama Specialized Sirrus, widelec stalowy , korby SunRace przerzutki/maetki/lancuch Sora Shimano, kola: Rigida/Raleigh. Na zdjeciach nie ma jeszcze zamontowaej przedniej przerzutki poniewaz mam tylko “braze-on” wersje wiec jeszcze czekam na klamre i bedzie w 100% gotowy.


Ostatnie zdjecie oddaje troche to co kupilem z ebaya. Kupiona rama oklejona byla calkowicie okleina PVC w tzw kamuflaz. Dobra godzine zajelo obdarcie jej ze “skory” i nastepna godzina zeby sie pozbyc kleju. Reszta (moze poza odkreceniem supportu) byla przyjemnoscia. Jak widac rozne sa gusta ludzi. O ktorych oczywiscie nie mam zamiaru dyskutowac ;-).