DIY Hammock Underquilt

my arse is killing me

Sooo, I finally made probably the most advanced sewing project so far – Underquilt.

I went for quite simple design. The outer layer is slightly wider than inner and also just tiny bit longer. What that does in theory (and I think is logical) is keeping close inner layer of fabric to hammock, in the same time outer layer is kept by baffles in desired distance and as is wider that prevents squishing insulation (goose down in this case). The dimensions are based on assumption that underneath hammock the uderquilt will be “U” shaped. So below I took the picture of what I done on a paper.

quilt_calc0 added at the and 7cm to overall dimension for hem and curvature of the baffles

quilt_calc1 final layout on the paper

Outer/inner Iayer is made of silnylon which sandwitched inside goose down. Baffles been made of untreated ripstop, which is like very fine mesh…

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Planned obsolescence

Approx 18 months ago I splashed some money on pebble watch. I needed it because of my work, basically needed some small device to filter messages from network monitoring systems but I don’t like to carry mobile nor switched on ringer on my phone. Pebble seems to be decent choice as it’s crowd funded startup and potentially different approach, different standards…

Not really. Embedded life span (or planned obsolescence) is still pretty much industry standard. I had many examples from daily life: HP printers designed as disposable (or we can take you arm and leg for cartridges thank you), Whirpool washing machine, which “accidentally” broke after 18 months of use. Beforehand we been offered opportunity to extend warranty, and the part which broke was quite conveniently placed heater ;-). I can give more and more examples like that. Don’t think too much – just consume, broken? – throw it away and replace with new better model.

So I was surprised when conversation with pebble support ended like that:

JUL 21, 2016  |  10:20AM PDT
Shawna replied:

Warm Regards,

Despite warm regards I’m feeling like that:

Lesson learned.


Steven Wilson – Routine

I didn’t follow for a while Steven Wilson solo career (Porcupine Tree), but this is something special in my opinion. This piece is in every detail perfect. You might be not a fan of “prog rock” but his is must-see piece. Hats off and many thanks.

Steven Wilson: “Amongst the hundreds of songs I have written over the years Routine has a very special place. It’s a deeply sad story of loss and denial, but at its conclusion the clouds lift and there is acceptance at least. Having worked with her on 3 previous videos, I knew as soon as I wrote it that it was perfect for Jess to do something amazing with. Even then nothing prepared me for the organic beauty and power of the film she made, a painstaking labour of love that took her months to produce. When we play the song live I look out into the audience and see people swept away with emotion at the combination of music and animation. To find poetry and beauty in sadness is a wonderful thing I think.”

Steven Wilson – Routine (Hand. Cannot. Erase.) from Kscope on Vimeo.

diy camping air pump

my arse is killing me

It’s quite an old idea, not mine, you can google it or go here,here or here to see how other people doing it. Below my variation of same old trick. The biggest benefit IMHO is that the moisture is not building up inside air bed, and obviously is super quick. You can still splash £30 on Thermarest NeoAir Mini Pump if you like, but that’s couple bottles of wine or new Schwalbe Marathon (plus beer for fitting procedure), or 6 bags of coffee… all above better than another unnecessary gizmo.

IMG_0521 I cut threaded part of bottleneck from PET bottle and make hole in the cap

IMG_0522 from piece of plastic (ice cream box or sth) a circle has been cut same diameter as bottle neck with hole inside, which makes kinda washer

IMG_0520 3 inch piece of road (18-25c) inner tube for nozzle

IMG_0523 inserted plastic “washer” into inner tube

IMG_0524 like so…

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